Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Alli Makes Him Beg

After Ruining His Orgasm

Young Alli Brooks has a guy strapped to the table for her to have some fun. Before she starts she apologizes for whats about to happen then attacks his upper body with her fingers. He struggles like crazy but the restraints hold tight as she tickles his entire body. To really drive him nuts she strips off her dress and starts teasing his cock with her tiny hands. She edges him a few times before she finally makes him blow a huge load. After she squeezes every last drop of cum out she teasingly tickles his upper body ruining his orgasm. After a minute or so she makes him think she is done then she turns her attention to his feet making him laugh and beg for several minutes before finally stopping.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Rhyannon Takes Control

Of Her Step Brother's Cock

Rhyannon is sick of her step brother tickling her and picking on her so when he came home from the bar and crashed on her bed she decided to teach him a lesson. She tied him to the bed and the next morning starts bouncing on it and tickling his armpits jolting him awake. He protests and tries to get away but the ropes hold him tight. Rhyannaon teases and tickles his entire body awhile then pulls down his pants and starts milking his cock. When he starts to complain she sticks her feet in his face and proceeds to pull a huge load from his balls. After he cums she tickles him harder and harder for several minutes making him agree to her terms before she finally stops. Now Rhyannon has control of his car, schedule and even the remote.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Brutal Breakup

Janes Boyfriend Is Gonna Pay

Poor Jane is having issues with her boyfriend so she invited Catherine and Malice over to talk about it. When the girls find out how badly he has been treating her they come up with a plan to teach him a lesson. During dinner Jane slips him a special drink and when he goes down for the count the girls strip him and tie him to a bondage table. Jane slaps him roughly to bring him around and they begin to tickle his entire body. The confused boy tries to protest and appeal to Janes sweet nature but she believes he may be cheating on her and won't listen. Catherine tells her to test him by seeing how long it takes him to cum so she starts stroking his cock with her tiny hands. After hefinally cums she lets him no it was no use since she was done with him anyway so all 3 girls ruin his orgasm with intense tickling and cock abuse.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Young Tickle Brats

First Day At Camp

Cherry and Missy like to tickle and abuse guys so when Missy turned 18 Cherry signed them up for a tickle camp session. Their first day starts with a wild tickle torture session with a very ticklish lee. Cherry wants to make it as hot as possible so she teases the guys cock while Missy tickles his balls. Cherry makes the guy cum with her teasing strokes and both girls torture him even more.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Brat Girls Have Too Much Fun

Brats Always Win

Once They Get Him Pinned

Elizabeth and Taylor are still struggling with their roommate when Catherine hears them hollering for help. She dives on the bed and they quickly subdue him and get him tied to the bed. Once he is bound they tickle him brutally then remove his socks to get to his soles. While Taylor and Elizabeth are tickling his feet Catherine starts stroking his cock and forces him to a massive orgasm. Once he cums they continue to tickle him and drive him nuts until Catherine smothers him and knocks him out.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Riley Reid Maid For Fun

Young Riley Reid has been working as a maid for a local hotel and sees lots of interesting things. Today she discovers a guy tied to the bed naked and left there by his girlfriend. When she finds out he is ticklish Riley refuses to let him go and uses her feather duster to tickle his naked body lightly. Every now and then she uses her fingers to really get him going crazy. She grabs his cock in her soft hands, making him think she is going to be nice but as soon as she makes him cum she starts tickling him even more. From his balls to his armpits she tortures him with her fingers then uses the feathers on his whole body again. Riley continues to tickle him for quite awhile before letting him catch his breath. What will happen when his girlfriend returns?


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cum On Brianna Coles Soles HD

For The Very First Time

Young Brianna has never given a footjob before and really wants to try it. All the girls she works with keep telling her how much fun it is so when you finally give her the chance it makes her so happy. She strokes your cock with her soft hands getting you rock hard quickly then wraps her virgin soles around and starts stroking slowly. After a few minutes she gets on her knees and uses her soft soles and toes for a bit too. When she senses you are getting close to cumming she sits back down and strokes your cock with her soles until you explode all over the place. The feeling of your hot cum on her soles really makes her smile as she rubs it in with her toes. 
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tiny Autumn Is Ticklish

Tiny Autumn Tagteamed

Some Slumber Party This Is

Catherine and Jenna invited Autumn over for a slumber party then dared the young girl to let them tie her up. As soon as she is tied up the girls start tickling her lightly and she starts laughing and giggling. After they find out how ticklish she is they really dig in and drive the poor girl crazy. Autumn struggles, laughs, screams and even begs them to stop but it's no use. Catherine and Jenna torture poor Autumn until they want a break. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hot Teen Ivy Winters Makes His Cock Explode

Never Sniff A Brats Panties

Or At Least Don't Get Caught

18 year old Ivy Winters lives in a coed dormitory and one of her neighbors has a really big crush on her. When she is away at class he sneaks in her room and starts sniffing her panties. Ivy walks in and he is so intent on her panties he doesn't hear her until right before she knocks him out. Ivy ties him to the bed, puts her panties on his head and tickles him to get his attention. The more she tickles the more he tries to get her to let him go but Ivy has other ideas. She sits in his face and uses her tiny hands to make him cum but as soon as he explodes she tickles his upper body and feet brutally ruining his orgasm. I think he learned his lesson but as much fun as Ivy had h may not get free anytime soon. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tiny Rene Tickled By Taylor

Taylors Lips And Nails

When Rene came in for her first shoot we sat her on a huge balloon for Taylor to Interview her. After sniffing and exploring her sexy size 5 soles Taylor gives them a bit of a tickle. Rene struggles not to upset her balance on the huge balloon but Taylor gets her laughing and snorting quickly. She licks and teases both of Renes tiny feet in between intense tickle attacks so she doesn't fall over but by the time she starts on both feet it's apparent Rene needs to be tied and tickled properly. 

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Amateur Girls Seduced And Bound For Catherines Pleasure

Random Tickle Victim Jade

The Foxx Hunt Begins

Catherine and I were sitting at the hotel bar when this cute college girl walked in. Next thing you know Catherine started talking to her and gets her go upstairs to the room for some tickling. After her brief interview Jade is tied to the bed and Catherine starts worshiping her ticklish feet making her giggle and moan. When she tells Catherine that she likes it even though it tickles that really got Catherine going. Next thing you know Catherine has found every ticklish spot on Jades body and focuses her attentions on her belly armpits and ribs for a bit taunting her and teasing too. This is one vacation to Florida Jade will never forget. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sexy Genie Jerks Your Cock

You Wished For A Handjob

And Got Yourself Tickled Too

While cleaning out a foreclosed home you discovered a chest and took it home to open it. Imagine your surprise when inside you find a brass lamp and some very sheer clothing. Dreamily you rub the lamp wishing for a handjob and the next thing you know sexy genie appears. She is happy that you freed her and really likes your wish so she starts stroking your cock gently. Taylor is a bit of a naughty genie though and you soon find out that she is going to tickle you the whole time she is stroking your cock. Faster and faster her hands slide along your shaft until finally you explode all over her hands while she tickles your inner thighs. She enjoyed torturing you so much she grants you 3 more wishes, talk about luck. 
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hot Teen Tickled Him Hard

Bratty JC Trains Her Tickle Boy

Lesson 1 Do As I Say

19 yr old brat JC Simpson has a new guy that wants to be her tickle slave so she brings him in for his first lesson. From the moment he walks through the door she puts him in his place by making him worship her feet. After he performs a few tasks for her she straps him down and starts to explore his tickle spots. From his feet to his neck JC uses her fingers to make him struggle and squirm as she exploits spot after spot. 
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Teen Tickle Brat Ivy Winters Jerks An Old Guys Cock

Ivy Winters Ticklecamp Fantasy

Torturing An Older Guy

Young Ivy Winters has a real attraction to older men and really wants to tickle torture one. She wrote in to Ticklecamp and Ms Fox was delighted to assist. Catherine has a guy securely bound and gagged for Ivy to play with. Ivy is a bit shy at first but as soon as her and Catherine start tickling his feet she goes tickle crazy. Catherine tells her to try tickling his balls and she gets him struggling and laughing like crazy. Watching his cock bouncing as he's getting tickled makes Ivy want to really torture him so she grabs his cock in her tiny hands and starts stroking while they both tickle him. When they finally let him cum they ruin his orgasm with foot, cock and upper body tickling fulfilling Ivy's fantasy.