Thursday, January 13, 2011

Teen Tickle Brat Ivy Winters Jerks An Old Guys Cock

Ivy Winters Ticklecamp Fantasy

Torturing An Older Guy

Young Ivy Winters has a real attraction to older men and really wants to tickle torture one. She wrote in to Ticklecamp and Ms Fox was delighted to assist. Catherine has a guy securely bound and gagged for Ivy to play with. Ivy is a bit shy at first but as soon as her and Catherine start tickling his feet she goes tickle crazy. Catherine tells her to try tickling his balls and she gets him struggling and laughing like crazy. Watching his cock bouncing as he's getting tickled makes Ivy want to really torture him so she grabs his cock in her tiny hands and starts stroking while they both tickle him. When they finally let him cum they ruin his orgasm with foot, cock and upper body tickling fulfilling Ivy's fantasy. 

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