Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When 6 Brats Attack A Cock

When Tickle Brats Attack

They Leave You Breathless

After sending Katrinas mom to the ER the girls decided to have a bit more fun. Their friend Bianca seduced a young EMT for Katrinas initiation. This guy gets bound to the bed in a very tight spread eagle and the girls tease and tickle him all over. Katrina impatiently waits to ruin his orgasm and when she finally gets the ok from Catherine, she jerks his tiny cock quickly. After the guy cums 12 hands ruin his orgasm and leave him gasping for air. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tianna Love Ruins An Orgasm

Tia's Tickling Tests Quicktime

Hands on Tickling Exam 1

Tia is a student in Angels class at Tickling U. After logging her study hours its time for her to try her hand with tickling guys. Her first subject is a new guy named Ryan who is very ticklish in certain spots. Tia's first test is to find those spots and get him laughing. Tia begins with fingers on his upper body and feet but soon moves to tools to get more intense reactions. Will she pass her exam? 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

30 Minutes Of Pure Hell

30 Minutes To HELL

Tickled Teased and Ruined

After all the tickle torture they have endured over the past year, Lexi and Katrina wanted to do something very special for Tickledguy. They tied him spread eagle to the bed where he first started and brutally tickle his entire body for several minutes. Then the girls cover his cock with whipped cream and tease him with their mouths while tickling his cock and balls with fingers and a toothbrush. Finally Katrina makes him cum while Lexi tickles his inner thighs and balls to ruin his orgasm. When he cums, Melissa and Catherine join in the post orgasm tickle torture to wish him a happy anniversary gang style. 
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blackmailed, Cockteased and Tickled

Psycho Ex Girlfriend

Ruins His Life and His Orgasm

Lexi's ex boyfriend is a real jerk, he broke up with her to screw her sister. Lexi is a very jealous and overprotective bitch so she decides her ex needs to be punished. He finds himself bound to a table, helpless to her vicious tickle attacks on his upper body and balls. Lexi is so vengeful she plans to blackmail him with a recording of his abuse, even making him say "Mom and Dad I love it". She tickles his balls with a tiny brush before forcing him to cum. After he cums she continues to tickle his cock and balls til he begs to be let go. Lexi shoves her cum covered hand over his mouth and tells him it will be over when she's had enough fun. How much fun will she have? 
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