Monday, February 18, 2013

Sorority Sisters Rule

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And Make Professors Drool

Shelby is the newest pledge at the sorority house and the girls have noticed one of the professors paying her special attention. For her initiation Taylor and Addie have her seduce the professor into being tied up. Once they get him tied Shelby unbuttons his shirt and the girls begin to tickle him. He struggles to escape their nails but once the girls remove his shoes and tickle his socked feet he realizes he is going nowhere. Addie takes Shelby's initiation to the next phase by starting to stroke the professors cock. Her and Shelby milk his cock until he blows a huge load on Addies tits. While he is still cumming they tickle him brutally to ruin his orgasm. Once they have sufficiently him the girls leave him tied up and breathless.

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