Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sexy Genie Jerks Your Cock

You Wished For A Handjob

And Got Yourself Tickled Too

While cleaning out a foreclosed home you discovered a chest and took it home to open it. Imagine your surprise when inside you find a brass lamp and some very sheer clothing. Dreamily you rub the lamp wishing for a handjob and the next thing you know sexy genie appears. She is happy that you freed her and really likes your wish so she starts stroking your cock gently. Taylor is a bit of a naughty genie though and you soon find out that she is going to tickle you the whole time she is stroking your cock. Faster and faster her hands slide along your shaft until finally you explode all over her hands while she tickles your inner thighs. She enjoyed torturing you so much she grants you 3 more wishes, talk about luck. 
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