Tuesday, November 11, 2014

You Can't Get Pregnant in Porn

But We Have To Be Sure

At 8 months pregnant Logan is still trying to find out who knocked her up and Bailey is helping her. They get the last possible candidate, Dick, strapped to the bed then they bring him around. Dick is flabbergasted at the news and denies it wholeheartedly even when the girls tickle him brutally. After they see hes not going to admit it they milk a sample from his cock but can't resist tickling him afterwords which ruins the sample. Bailey begins to milk a second sample from his cock driving him even crazier. Is Dick really the daddy?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Resistance is Futile

This is one of the hottest scenes on Tickledguy.com. The guy Halle is tickling is her real-life boyfriend!!! The chemistry is AH-Mazing!!! 

When Halle Wants To Play

Halles boyfriend Oliver was waiting for her on the couch while she was changing. When she walked in dressed as a cop he was pretty much speechless and willing to do whatever she said. She tied him down in the other room and then revealed her true intentions. Halle began to tickle him with a feather then things started getting intense. Halle dug into his ribs and he went wild. She tickled his entire body brutally then starts acting nice. Halle teases and strokes his cock til he explodes then she gets really brutal. Halle tortures him for a few very intense minutes before leaving him there while she plans even more torments for him.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Chanel Destroys Dick

In More Ways Than One

Busty beauty Chanel Monroe had never been able to fulfill her fantasy of tormenting a guy til now. She is so excited she started tickling before the camera started rolling. Chanel tickles Dicks entire body brutally really getting him laughing. She turns her attention to his cock next and begins to stroke and tickle it. She forces him to cum quickly then clamps her hand over his cockhead ruining his orgasm but the torment doesn't sop there. Chanel tickles his sensitive cock and balls with her nails, driving him completely insane.

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