Friday, December 31, 2010

Tiny Amateur Brat Tickles YOUR Cock

Heather Tickles YOU Hard

Before She Lets You Cum

Heather is a cute 21 yr old that likes to tickle. She heard about you from a few of her girlfriends and finally has you bound and gagged for her pleasure. Heather starts out tickling your feet with her nails then moves her attention to your upper body. Heather taunts you with her sexy southern accent as she teases your belly and sides. To make it even more fun she pulls off your pants and starts teasing your cock. Stroking your cock with one hand and tickling you with the other brings you to the edge too quickly for Heather so she places a cockring on your shaft and tickles you even harder. When she finally removes the ring and allows you to cum, you blow a huge load and Heather gets evil. She tickles your upperbody and feet effectively ruining your orgasm. 
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pantyhose Brats Tug His Cock

Pantyhose Brats Tug And Tickle

Til He Screams For Help

Nyxon and Dixie love to tickle so much they kidnap a guy from a nearby hotel and tie him naked to the bed. These 2 pantyhose clad brats use their nails to tickle this guys upper body then Dixie grabs his cock. Both girls tease and taunt him during the tug and tickle driving the poor guy crazy. Dixies experienced hands drain every drop from his balls then both girls ruin his orgasm. Dixie keeps stroking and tickling his sensitive cock while Nyxon torments his armpits. The girls finally ease off a bit when he starts crying out for help. 
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bratty Blondes Drain His Cum then try for more

Bratty Blondes Want More Cum

After They Ruin His Orgasm

Taylor, Jordan and Lexi love to tickle torture guys so they kidnap this guy and tie his arms to the ceiling. Lexi pulls down his pants and starts forcing him to cum while Jordans hand over his mouth keeps him quiet. As soon as he starts to cum the girsl start tickling his groin and upper body driving him crazy. The more he laughs the harder they tickle until Lexi decides he hasn't cum enough and starts stroking his cock again. With the other girls tickling him the poor guy can't get hard again so Lexi slaps him in the face and the girls go looking for their next victim.