Monday, November 22, 2010

Teen Midget Tickles Huge Cock

The Tiniest Cock Tickler

Ruins His Orgasm

Penny is a young brat that just loves to tickle cocks. Her newest toy had no idea what he was in for when she tied him to the bed naked but her plans are quickly revealed. She uses her tiny fingers to tickle his cock and balls getting him all worked up. Penny feels like it isn't intense enough so she decides to force him to cum so he gets more sensitive. With her tiny hands stroking his cock the guy doesn't last very long and cums all over the place. Penny tickles his cock and balls for some very intense post orgasm tickling before trying to make him cum again. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Teen Brat Jerks Her Step Brothers Cock

Bratty Stepsisters Revenge

You'll Pay For What You Did

Shawn came home after a late night and passed out. While he was sleeping his step sister Stella decides to teach him a lesson and ties him to her bed. When he wakes up Stella reminds him of his transgressions then begins to tickle torture him. Stella uses her fingernails on his exposed flesh for awhile but still isn't satisfied he learned a lesson. She heard guys are more ticklish after orgasm so despite his protests she forces her step brother to cum with her tiny hands. As he is still cumming she tickles his sides and ruins the orgasm then attacks his entire body. Shawn begs her to stop but Stella informs him that while their parents are away he will pay dearly. 
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