Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hot Teen Ivy Winters Makes His Cock Explode

Never Sniff A Brats Panties

Or At Least Don't Get Caught

18 year old Ivy Winters lives in a coed dormitory and one of her neighbors has a really big crush on her. When she is away at class he sneaks in her room and starts sniffing her panties. Ivy walks in and he is so intent on her panties he doesn't hear her until right before she knocks him out. Ivy ties him to the bed, puts her panties on his head and tickles him to get his attention. The more she tickles the more he tries to get her to let him go but Ivy has other ideas. She sits in his face and uses her tiny hands to make him cum but as soon as he explodes she tickles his upper body and feet brutally ruining his orgasm. I think he learned his lesson but as much fun as Ivy had h may not get free anytime soon.