Friday, December 2, 2011

Rhyannon Takes Control

Of Her Step Brother's Cock

Rhyannon is sick of her step brother tickling her and picking on her so when he came home from the bar and crashed on her bed she decided to teach him a lesson. She tied him to the bed and the next morning starts bouncing on it and tickling his armpits jolting him awake. He protests and tries to get away but the ropes hold him tight. Rhyannaon teases and tickles his entire body awhile then pulls down his pants and starts milking his cock. When he starts to complain she sticks her feet in his face and proceeds to pull a huge load from his balls. After he cums she tickles him harder and harder for several minutes making him agree to her terms before she finally stops. Now Rhyannon has control of his car, schedule and even the remote.

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