Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pocahontas Will Get A Raise

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One Way Or Another

Pocahontas Jones took a job as a maid for a pretty kinky client a few months ago and felt she deserved a raise for keeping quiet. Every time she asked, her employer found a way to change the subject so she decided a different approach was necessary. She took advantage of his condition one night after a party and tied him to his own table. The next morning she gets his attention by grazing her nails on his skin making him jump. Pocahontas confronts him about the raise and he threatens her job. She teases and tickles him hard to remind him of his predicament but that doesn't change his mind. After several minutes Pocahontas decides to try a different approach and begins stroking his cock. As soon as he gets close to cumming she stops and asks for her raise. After she edges him several times he has no choice but to agree so she allows him to cum. He explodes all over the place and as soon as he is done cumming Pocahontas shows him what will happen if he breaks the deal by ruining his orgasm. She tickles his feet then moves to his cock and balls for a bit before adding 3 paid days off per week to the deal.

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