Friday, September 24, 2010

Girth Brooks Forced To Cum By a Tiny Girl

Mr Brooks Tickle Test

WOW Hes Huge

Mr Brooks needed some extra money so he signed up for the tickle testing at the university. His examiner, Miss Lexi takes him through the upper body, foot and belly tests and drives him nuts with her nails. When they move into the post orgasm portion Lexi is amazed at the size of his cock and test to see how ticklish it is before she makes him cum. When he does she keeps stroking his very sensitive cock and he goes crazy. Lexi finishes him off with some deep armpit tickling and leaves to go clean up. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

JC Simpson Teen Pornstar Loves CUM

Wheres My Dog ?

I'll Tickle You Until You Tell Me Asshole

JC had her stolen and when she reviewed the security videos she found out what the thief looked like. She Breaks in to his apartment and ties him to the bed but her is nowhere to be found. JC wakes the guy up and begins tickle torturing him for answers. He denies taking her so she takes the interrogation to the extreme with cock and ball teasing but he still won't tell. JC milks his cock making him even more sensitive and when he cums she tickles him even harder. She grabs his spent cock and starts stroking in again, threatening to jerk it til it falls off. Will she get her back? 
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wednesday Harrington The Busty Brat

Wednesdays Revenge

Who's in charge now?

Wednesday was pretty upset after getting tricked into being tickled and the only way she would settle down was if I let her tie me down. What a big mistake that was. Wednesday used her long nails to tickle my belly, sides and armpits for several minutes then turned her attention to my feet. Her nails raked my soles and darted between my toes making me almost kick her a few times. She returned to my upper body for some nipple tickling then straddles my chest and attacks my armpits one last time.