Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Daughter Jerks Cocks

Mom He's Gonna Cum

Then We'll Ruin His Orgasm

After Teaching Tony his first lesson Melissa left him tied up so she could torment him a few more times. She starts tickling him and her daughter Angela comes in to help her out. They tickle his upper body and legs for a bit then Angela turns it up a notch by tickling Tony's balls. Next thing you know Angela is stroking his cock to make him cum. When he does Angela and her mom ruin his orgasm with some intense tickling. Will Tony ever get loose? 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rich Brats Milk The Poolboy

Cum Or Get Fired

Dixie's Ticklish Pool Boy

Dixie has a few girlfriends over for the weekend. Before they go out to lounge in the pool topless she shows them what she likes to do when her parents are away, abuse the hired help. She has the pool boy tied up in her bedroom when she brings the girls in. They tickle his upper body and feet for a few seconds when Dixie pulls down his pants to tickle his cock. Phoebe and Nyxxon tickle him while Dixie teases his cock. After a few minutes Dixie starts getting frustrated and threatens to fire him if he doesn't cum quickly. When he finally does, the girls tickle him for several minutes before Phoebe smothers him with her ass. Will he keep his job or not?