Sunday, August 29, 2010

Busty Noel Is A Vicious Brat

My Legs Aren't Fat

And Neither Is My Ass

Noel was at the gym the other day when this punk told her she had fat legs which really made her mad. She sees him at a party later that night and slips something in his glass that knocks him out. When she gets him all tied down she wraps her legs around his neck and slaps him awake. She uses her powerful legs to squeeze his throat and discovers he is ticklish. To teach him a very important lesson, she places her tight ass on his face taunting him that its not fat either. After a bit of very brutal tickling, Noel goes even further in her anger, pulling out his cock and stroking it until he cums. As he is cumming, Noel stops stroking and ruins his orgasm by tickling his sides and balls.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Bratty Bookworm

Revenge of A Nerd

: Amber wants her money back and knows just how to get it

Amber went to the school library today to study. When she came home she found her room mate passed out in a chair and $300.00 was missing. She knew it had to be him taking her money so she tied him to a chair before waking him up by slapping his face. When questioned about the money her room mate denies taking it so Amber begins to tickle torture him for answers. After trying to make him talk, Amber remembers reading that guys are even more ticklish after orgasm. She milks his cock while continuing to tickle and still no answers. She forces a huge load of cum from his balls then tickles them very hard until he begs her to stop. Will Amber stop the torture? 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brats Tickle Him Limp

Tickled Limp

Tickle Brats Love To Play

The tickle brats love to tickle and tease guys. Today they have this guy tied to a chair for a bit of tickle fun and he isn't cooperating much at all. The brats want him to cum so he is even more ticklish but no matter whos soft hands are on his cock this loser can't stay hard. 
See how brutal it was on