Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Brats Club Initiatiation

The Tickle Brats Club

Janes Initiation

Catherine is having a slumber party for a few of her close friends for a special occasion. Jane, Catherines sister, has wanted to be a part of the tickle brats for a while now and tonight they are finally going to initiate her. First she has to demonstrate how she teases cocks using a large balloon, when she passes that test, the real fun begins, Janes first Tickling Handjob. Catherine knows the neighborhood pervert is home and thats a great place for Jane to teach her first lesson. Catherine, Noel, Kylie and Jane sneak into his room and tie him to the bed. The girls tickle him mercilessly while Jane brings him to orgasm then all 4 girls attack his balls and inner thighs with their long nails and ruin his orgasm. Janes initiation was a huge success.check them out on www.tickledguy.com