Monday, December 31, 2012


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A Collection of Our Month to Month Hottest Hits From 2012 with over 2 Hours of Tickling Handjob Action

This compilation includes: Pocahontas Will Get A Raise, Todd's Tickle Exam, Katie Gets Kinky, Katrina Blows Your Mind, Ashley Storm Makes Him Beg, Cock Tickling Goddess, Smothered Tickled and Milked, Dick Destruction, Jessica Fucks You Silly, Mom's Hot Girlfriend, Cameron Fucks You Silly and I Caught You


Monday, December 17, 2012


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And Tortures Her Boyfriend

Katie Cummings talked her boyfriend Nito into letting her tie him up for some "kinky sex" but he had no idea what Katie had planned. Once he is tied up naked she starts tickle torturing his entire body making him squirm and beg. She teases him with her lips and fingers then strips off her dress to really get him turned on. She erotically and torturously tickles him and even sits on his face for a bit before taking it to the extreme. After he is all worked up she starts stroking his cock and keeps him on the edge of orgasm with tickle attacks. When she finally lets him cum she ruins his orgasm with really brutal tickling then leaves him lying there to wait for his next kinky surprise..... Katie is going to screw another guy in front of him.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pocahontas Will Get A Raise

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One Way Or Another

Pocahontas Jones took a job as a maid for a pretty kinky client a few months ago and felt she deserved a raise for keeping quiet. Every time she asked, her employer found a way to change the subject so she decided a different approach was necessary. She took advantage of his condition one night after a party and tied him to his own table. The next morning she gets his attention by grazing her nails on his skin making him jump. Pocahontas confronts him about the raise and he threatens her job. She teases and tickles him hard to remind him of his predicament but that doesn't change his mind. After several minutes Pocahontas decides to try a different approach and begins stroking his cock. As soon as he gets close to cumming she stops and asks for her raise. After she edges him several times he has no choice but to agree so she allows him to cum. He explodes all over the place and as soon as he is done cumming Pocahontas shows him what will happen if he breaks the deal by ruining his orgasm. She tickles his feet then moves to his cock and balls for a bit before adding 3 paid days off per week to the deal.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mom He's A Pervert

Help Us Make Him Pay

Katie and her sister Briget are tormenting a peeping tom when their mother walks in. When mom hears the story she joins the girls in tickling him awhile then starts a torment of her own. Mom starts stroking his cock and teasing him for a bit then makes him explode. As soon as he cums all 3 of them ruin his orgasm with intense nail tickling all over his body until he can't take any more.


Thursday, August 9, 2012


And Bound To Be Tickled

Esmi finally made it through her hazing for the sorority and Whitney has a special treat for her. They have 2 boys tied up for a bit of sadistic tickle pleasure. Whitney begins on her boys armpits while Esmi goes after the other guys ribs. The girls tease and tickle all of the guys exposed skin and then get a bit naughty. They tickle the guys balls through their shorts, teasing but offering no release. They tickle the boys harder and harder making them laugh and dance for quite awhile before leaving them to await their next torments.


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Monday, June 11, 2012

You'll Be Sorry

You'll Be Sorry

When We Get Done

Rene has been tickling you for a bit when Malice hears your laughter and comes to join the fun. Both girls tickle and taunt you from your feet to your nipples. No matter what say they won't listen and just tickle you harder. Rene starts teasing your cock while Malice keeps tickling you and they drive you wild. Malice takes over stroking your cock and while Rene tickles you she forces you to explode. They ruin your orgasm with intense cock and foot tickling then leave you tied up to wait for their return.
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Alexis Grace Gets Revenge

Alexis Wants Revenge HD

When Catherines All Tied Up

Catherine has been tickling Alexis Grace for quite some time and Alexis never gets to tickle her. Today Catherine is bound to the bed for a bit of fun and Alexis decides it's time for revenge. She starts out lightly teasing Catherines belly then digs into her armpits driving her wild. After a bit she removes Catherines bra and tickles her nipples then attacks her pussy through her panties. If that wasn't bad enough Alexis grabs the hitachi and forces her to cum while tickling her feet and using her toes to tickle her armpits. Alexis gets Catherine struggling and laughing like crazy but she has no idea how much it actually turns her on. 
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

You're All Mine Now

No Matter What You Say

JC Simpson really loves to torment Shawn and having him tied up naked is a real treat. She teasingly tickles him while he frantically tries to escape but it's no use. After tickling his entire body and spending some time on his cock and Balls JC decides to milk him for a bit more fun. After a few minutes of stroking she moves him to the floor where she forces him to cum and ruins his orgasm with intense tickling.

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