Thursday, September 16, 2010

JC Simpson Teen Pornstar Loves CUM

Wheres My Dog ?

I'll Tickle You Until You Tell Me Asshole

JC had her stolen and when she reviewed the security videos she found out what the thief looked like. She Breaks in to his apartment and ties him to the bed but her is nowhere to be found. JC wakes the guy up and begins tickle torturing him for answers. He denies taking her so she takes the interrogation to the extreme with cock and ball teasing but he still won't tell. JC milks his cock making him even more sensitive and when he cums she tickles him even harder. She grabs his spent cock and starts stroking in again, threatening to jerk it til it falls off. Will she get her back? 
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  1. What's her relation to ashley and jessica... she could be mistaken as their sister too? LOL! She's hot though...

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