Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blackmailed, Cockteased and Tickled

Psycho Ex Girlfriend

Ruins His Life and His Orgasm

Lexi's ex boyfriend is a real jerk, he broke up with her to screw her sister. Lexi is a very jealous and overprotective bitch so she decides her ex needs to be punished. He finds himself bound to a table, helpless to her vicious tickle attacks on his upper body and balls. Lexi is so vengeful she plans to blackmail him with a recording of his abuse, even making him say "Mom and Dad I love it". She tickles his balls with a tiny brush before forcing him to cum. After he cums she continues to tickle his cock and balls til he begs to be let go. Lexi shoves her cum covered hand over his mouth and tells him it will be over when she's had enough fun. How much fun will she have? 
Find out on today

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