Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bratty Redhead Tortures His Balls

Was It Worth Your Balls? Quicktime

You won't need them when I am done

Angela was out for a walk the other day when this pervert grabbed her ass hard. She knew he lived close by and when she had the chance she had a friend slip something in his drink and get him back to her place where she has him tied up naked. When the guy figures out whats going on he gets mouthy and Angels swiftly slaps him dead in the balls before administering some intense tickle torture. Afraid her mom might hear the commotion she tapes his mouth shut and alternates between slapping his cock and tickling him everywhere. After she has his cock and balls nice and sore she leaves him in the basement so she can take a long time tormenting him. Check  it out on Home of Ron Jeremy's First purist Tickle Fuck scene

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